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Just found a sun trap garden at the studio...! KJ x

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2070 days ago

Just found a sun trap garden at the studio...! KJ x


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catmcgoo 2060 days ago

i keep wondering where all the hot men are when its gorgeous weather. now i know where to find them!

HayleyMarianne 2064 days ago

Really wanna know what you use on your hair....for the bf not me!!!

24coedcae 2067 days ago

I live in a constant sun trap called Queensland

TigerAngel68 2068 days ago

Don't worry. Alot of pics reversed. Can tell by the way he was holding guitar & the writing on the Tee....!!

kelly69sarah 2068 days ago

The ring, the ring...a twisted mind or the pretty blond has talked him around already!!

purplecherry8 2069 days ago

Wot hair gel do you use?

indie01 2069 days ago

no, he just put the ring on the other finger to fuck wiv us and make us all think were tripping... naughty mr jones... im going for a lie down.

stereo77 2069 days ago

im betting all these pictures are takin on kellys apple mac laptop using photobooth. the pic is reversed when you use this...kelly if you read this go edit then auto flip photos! haha.ta for the updates they r great.

indie01 2069 days ago

now get naked and run round that garden swinging ur pendullum in the morning dew!!

adriladyluck 2070 days ago

Goodbye studio, hello garden... ;)

Elkypelky 2070 days ago

is this your left arm?? looks like but i'm confused with the ring and pic with the acoustic guitar for the non-acoustic songs. i'm so disorientated ;) crazy belgian!

caducia 2070 days ago

Great !!!

CarterOrange 2070 days ago

Mmmmmmm nice!

TigerAngel68 2070 days ago

Trees! You can't beat them! Lovely x

fuzzypoppy 2070 days ago

take all your writing equipment outside and write in the sun :)

Kimiikoo 2070 days ago

Working hard I see! :o) x

emamez15 2070 days ago

nice, its come all cloudy hear. x

Snafflepuss 2070 days ago

Jealous, much! Are you recording alone?!

pepesyed 2070 days ago

ok.. love this!

alexacr 2070 days ago

nice! :)