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Writing in the studio, KJ x

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2412 days ago

Writing in the studio, KJ x


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rivuletta 2334 days ago

awesome you were writing on my b-day, or were you sucking a pen? i'm confused lol

letuso 2396 days ago

mmm Mr.Jones... i want so bad to be that pen now in your sexy lips!
by the way you're so awsome writing songs!! luv the stereophonics!!

catmcgoo 2403 days ago

something tells me that i'd like to be that pen! ;)

KJ1stW 2409 days ago

That's not writing, that's sucking on a pen! Put your head down and do your homework son!

cwmanan 2410 days ago

mind you dont suck in the ink out of that pen Kelly!! x

Chunguloo 2411 days ago

Oh Kelly. You have me weak and climbing the walls here in Jamaica!

jennie_mydear 2411 days ago

i want to be your you can put me in your mouth anytime and help you write the songs, of course!! xx

indie01 2411 days ago

did ur mother ever tell u not to stick stuff in ur moosh!

nattergirl 2411 days ago

I wonder if Twitter will be mentioned in the next song??

Nicole_Driggs 2411 days ago

You'll have to let us know what song you came up with when this pict. was taken. You are brilliant with words, can't wait to hear the new stuff.

MrBlonde77 2412 days ago

Hard at work? lol x

adriladyluck 2412 days ago

Writing a lot, I see! Meanwhile, I spent my day stuck in an office, with no twitter access... But it's great to come home to you guys's updates! ^^)

kelly_girl1 2412 days ago

Not exactly the most nutritious of munchies heh.

H x

emilyleatrice 2412 days ago

Awesome! Can't wait to hear the new stuff. Love from NY xx

mydevil 2412 days ago

Oh how i would love to be that pen...LOL.Luv ya Kelly xx

emamez15 2412 days ago

the colour red suit's you ! x

danzoradpants 2412 days ago

you should write a song about me :D nah just kidding

ChrisDorgan 2412 days ago

lol i thought that was summin else to help inspire for a second then once photo was enlargened i noticed it was only a pen! good luck la not that yas need it!

Snafflepuss 2412 days ago

Suck it up!

alexacr 2412 days ago

having fun? :) haha