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sitting on the porch enjoying breakfast, looking at my favorite combination: mountains and palm trees

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2110 days ago

sitting on the porch enjoying breakfast, looking at my favorite combination: mountains and palm trees


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2NE1SHORTiexx 1885 days ago

You won't be looking at them for long~ 12-21-2012 Will happen in California. The first state to end up crumbling...Well I don't know if that is true~ :)

ashleystar51 2097 days ago

wOw thats awesome

gotfab 2098 days ago

thats awesome

tinkceegyswift 2098 days ago

Wow. So relaxing ! ;)

marielpile16 2099 days ago

Refreshing is the word!

horrorcat 2099 days ago


musiclove18 2103 days ago

Wow! Thats Nice! Debby Your Awesome On The Suite Life On Deck...I Watch It Every Friday! Keep Up the Great Job! :)

MaRandomThought 2103 days ago

I'm never see the plam trees alive =(

lily0828 2108 days ago

hey how do you send a message to a celebrity using twitter?

nettta 2109 days ago

that's beautiful ♥

sup3rstar619 2109 days ago

Ugh, that's so pretty. I'm jealous. All I can see from my porch...or front door.. is a two-story house and a street in between. :\

conzon 2109 days ago

omg u can ee that from ur porch???? i can only see a bunch of trees and a driveway

ruthifer 2109 days ago

this picture is beautiful! I can't wait to see this same view next year!

SelDemiTayFan 2109 days ago

From the porch in my old house you could only see houses and the street.

gabbxx13 2110 days ago


xAshlyGrlx 2110 days ago

wow its so merky here and disgusting right now(where i am) i wanna each breakfast witch ya!

sarcasticdork 2110 days ago

you can see that from your freakin porch?? what the heckk! I see trees. and not palm trees either :( sigh.

massiecooper 2110 days ago

It's beautiful, Debby. HAHAHA

LaLaLoveJonato 2110 days ago

that's what u can see in your porch???? awww is soo soo beautiful! i only see gray and cement¬¬..but my green garden's tree change everything:)
u must know the patagonia (argentina) u dont even know what's that! mountains and the twilight..a lonely lake,

AshleyMichele07 2110 days ago

Oh how beautiful view! :D