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Back in the studio KJ x

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2591 days ago

Back in the studio KJ x


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whitehp1 2560 days ago

dont remember this one?!
bloody gorgeous!!

Debbiewills 2579 days ago

Phwooaaaaarrrrrh!(or however you spell it!)x

HayleyMarianne 2585 days ago

These black and whites are fab!!! Who's taking them??

GraceTat 2588 days ago

HAWT stuff!

kelly69sarah 2589 days ago

To quote Mr Jones himself - "I'm just sitting here playing with myself again - its turning me on"!! xx

KittyKat_2112 2589 days ago

Good things come in small packages as they say and my god Kelly if you were a package I could open I would be in heaven!!!!!!

cwmanan 2589 days ago

xlent picute. This is one that you will look back on in 20 years time and say god what a fcking sexy man I was xx

Rockchick75 2591 days ago

Wot a pic.. Sexy as.. Can't wait for the new album.. Keep em comin.. ;) x

indie01 2591 days ago

this lad just gets better and better. sexy mo-de-fo!

nattergirl 2591 days ago


MrBlonde77 2591 days ago

Can´t wait 4 the new album!!!, and kelly, seriously, can´t u get any hotter? ;D DIOS MÍO!!!!!lol. Mucho amor de Venezuela! x

adriladyluck 2591 days ago

Thinking about where to start? All the songs must be just brilliant, so it doesn't matter where you start! \m/

elliebithell 2591 days ago

Can't wait to hear your new stuff. Keep up the good work x

mydevil 2591 days ago

oooo you are a sexy little minx ;)

iluvrocklol 2591 days ago

Kwl photo. What studio is this in?

danzoradpants 2591 days ago

eeep look at all those guitar and amps and miscellaneous equipment :O jealous, much ):

SteveBrownstone 2591 days ago

Lovin that rack of Geetars! Enjoy your day in the studio, I'm off to see Ac/Dc in two hours. I think I might post you a picture.

charliebrown75 2591 days ago

I love the black & white photos :) Great picture x

carleymawhinney 2591 days ago

Oh Kelly, you must stop posting so many photos on twitter. There is only so much a girl can get excited in one day! Lol. Actually keep them coming! x

maryphonica 2591 days ago

Si es que,no se puede ser más guapo!!!I love this picture!!!Come to Spain.