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My buried driveway today

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2084 days ago

My buried driveway today


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TOOTOO_pb 2057 days ago

these b*tches is desperate smh.

Viva_la_Tiffany 2063 days ago

I would've put my cape on and SAVED you, Boo! I love you moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee than anybody!!!! Everyonce calls me Tiff Rondo! hehe.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW ME! that was all I wanted for Xmas & my my birthday last month!

bbbaharr 2064 days ago

I live in NY and so terrible i hate snowwwwww:((

Slliim 2069 days ago

Check and see if is still shoveling driveways for $100.
~ Slim ~

bbynoy 2071 days ago

I live in MN, so Thas nothin boo!! But ill come rescue yu :-)

shakka1711 2071 days ago

this is bad we had 12in. but I'll walk thru anything to gey to u

Cynthia4RE 2072 days ago

It's nice and warm here in Laguna Beach, I hear the windchill is like 20 below today? I don't miss that. Hope you're staying warm and toasty!

wholelottanatta 2075 days ago

rondo i feel you! i live in boston too! its a pain to get rid of all that snow!

kellylover4ever 2076 days ago


Sade_Rosario 2078 days ago

Ouch, how many inches did u get?

Reneebby18 2079 days ago

mines looked like your maybe a lil worst, ct had 25 inches!

osha_f_babii 2080 days ago

awhl, poor rondo. but thats not half as bad as my driveway was and i stay in michigan!

HarryPitt 2083 days ago

I see you don't have a basketball hoop in your driveway no wonder your jump shot still fucking blows nig

iam_CeeN 2083 days ago

Hahaa! i thought Canada was bad :P

karibisha 2083 days ago

Get out the snowshoes

celtics_alday 2083 days ago

i wish i culd bad 4 u but i can't..u no y? i lived in minnsota..lol

jonettapitts 2084 days ago

That is y I'm so glad I stay in Florida.

BostonPiff617 2084 days ago

Shows u alot betta person than most famous dudes

BostonPiff617 2084 days ago

Bostonn babbyy ! I cant believe I seen u leaving in ur limo n I was like like rondoo :0 n u waived

iHeartCBreezyy 2084 days ago

thats the up north weather for ya :p lol