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Just got to the Barcelona vs Betis game, just drove the new #AUDI they gave me

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2200 days ago

Just got to the Barcelona vs Betis game, just drove the new #AUDI they gave me


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MD122895 2200 days ago

Didn't expect to see those boots on you. This outfit is great, lovin all the scarves!

Noir_Miss 2200 days ago

I am not digging that scarf wrong shade of blue but u still hot tho lol

TimTator86 2200 days ago

Nice,as always riding in style

ConsuelaKayla 2200 days ago

I lovin those Boots. Where you get those from?

JLopezAztek 2200 days ago

That's a nice Q7 quattro

MsD_Gaines 2200 days ago

Nice car, my girlfirend thinking about getting the Audi truck. I like your boots. Have fun!!!

estar315 2200 days ago

U lookin Mad european with those boots pepe

jjmlawa 2200 days ago

nice scarf is there a way you can hook up a brother with one of em

AngelaFox_ 2200 days ago

I need a new car....let me get those keys pls

bimbong_C 2200 days ago

must be nice

raeljames 2200 days ago

What a world! Over 50% of people live on less than $1 a day, but multi-millionaires get free cars?!

koreylk 2200 days ago

Ocho wudn't roll in no Q5. if hes guna get one hes guna get the biggest (Q7)

iuR0_ 2200 days ago

sweet, also feeling that jackt & shoes. ... lemme find out ochocinco got #swag?

FarahKuwaitPQ3 2200 days ago

Q7?? are u at the game?

oracolon112 2200 days ago

You are the perfect combination...

Dorsitaa 2200 days ago

wow !! is it Q7 right ? or Q5 ? i love both !!!

nuggetfan4life 2200 days ago

my dads dream car lucky!