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Sweet 1/2 of a sweet & sour pr of kitties (Luna's the sour 1) who loves the #RedSox! As of 10-6-12 I'm Mrs @toughteddybear! #wlf #PA

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1991 days ago


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LilyLuWhoT 1989 days ago

This is my yard in Meowassachusetts! Still lots of snow here!

Yohe00p 1991 days ago

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PuppyNumber7 1991 days ago

Wowza! What that man doing out the window? Lily, I didn't realise how gorgeous you are! Lucky Tiger!

henryandfriends 1991 days ago

yoo dus look bewtiful wiv th sno owtside lily. i ope yoo dint gow owt in it an mayk yor paws kold

jbkitteh 1991 days ago

MOL luk at staff wif snow blower owtsyd

Tarmac_Rules 1991 days ago

What a stunning kitteh

DashKitten 1991 days ago

Oh my You are so pretty * sigh *

jbkitteh 1991 days ago


MizzBassie 1991 days ago

What a pretty face you have. And look at that mane! RRRRRROAR! The snow makes me cold all over.

DevilOnIceSkate 1991 days ago

nice yoo look like a snow leopard! mrrrraaaaaarrrrrr

Keely_Bobs 1991 days ago

What has that poor human done to be locked out the house?

TinyPearlCat 1991 days ago

Wooomew! Beautiful pic of snow and kitty face

JessieJaney 1991 days ago

Awwwe you are so beautiful and brrrr at the snow, makes me shiver!