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Working on Game 2!!!. Also SMB will never be on PS3 sorry:(

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Here's our editor mockup...any other requests?

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1287 days ago

Here's our editor mockup...any other requests?


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Adamczyk777 1286 days ago

enthral equates Hi take a look at

ChrisIzatt 1286 days ago

Will we be able to create full chapters?

AephOmega 1286 days ago

Will we be able to make longer levels, a la mario?

JarredPeaches 1286 days ago

Two Questions:

1. Can we make 8-bit/Game Boy style levels(as in warp zones)
2. Will we have access to the the tilesets AND music of the dark world?

zebbe94 1286 days ago

Will you be able to make levels in "warp zone style"?

SuperMeatBoyRu 1287 days ago

What screen resolution will be in the editor? Will it be possible to change it?

PsycheMax 1287 days ago

Serious Suggestion = A CHARA EDITOR. I want to make my PERSONAL meaty bwoy!

ZeppMan217 1287 days ago

We're limited by 400 objects? Permanently?

baronhaynes 1287 days ago

serious suggestion - can we create our own sets of levels with an overworld map?

baronhaynes 1287 days ago

Definitely more gayness. Maybe a slider to increase gayness?

Blazephlozard 1287 days ago

Nah it looks pretty perfect how it is. The graphics on meat boy seem a little off though.