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I just found out cats fart I'n there sleep....the hard way. Danzig just let one go.

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1994 days ago

I just found out cats fart I'n there sleep....the hard way. Danzig just let one go.


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Nele_MCR_x3 1992 days ago

i love cats so much...
i'm so happy, you love they, too.! *-* <3

amanda_marieeGC 1992 days ago

I love your cats design! :D I'm a tabby cat fan ;)

Portigal26h 1993 days ago

devilment fatter Hi take a look at

_girlfight 1994 days ago

When I'm asleep, my cat crashes out on my chest, his bum in my face.THAT'S finding out the hard way :|

LeaCalifornia56 1994 days ago

Your cat is really Beautiful ♥ :) It's cute Benji

ddritzenhein 1994 days ago

Still Another Sweet Photo

EMT_Tiffani 1994 days ago

cats also snore in their sleep lol mine does pretty loud

victoriaXXmarie 1994 days ago

ewwwwww hahahaaha

Squinnergy 1994 days ago

When I feed mine tuna she runs us out of the house! It is bad.

tildfant 1994 days ago


AnneWilkins 1994 days ago

I'm glad I'm not the only who names their pets after bands.I have a dog named Charlotte. Iol

roxy_1RGC 1994 days ago

lil tiger :D love it)

SPN_Echelon 1994 days ago

all the same.... =)

Charlo_xox 1994 days ago

...your cat looks like a pre historic.. lil cougar/pussy tiger cat .x-) i love the patterns on Danzig... (cool name) Rock hardcore :-) #young forever #live life now xxx

cheekyoziechick 1994 days ago

People always blame their cats. Thats why they have them. Oh it wasn't was What amazing colours.

Shee220 1994 days ago

Completely gorgeous cat. The kitty is paying you back for what you do in your sleep.

moonlitdance 1994 days ago

lol good kitty....bad benji :P

AnnaKatharinaxx 1994 days ago

Woooow she is beautiful she looks like a tiger! Raawr raaawr :D

kistnerml 1994 days ago

Yeah riiight blame it on the cat! Haha

psychedalicpunk 1994 days ago

Your cat looks like a leopard! so cute!