Ashlee Simpson Wentz


this is the only official ashlee simpson twitter. "click your heels three times and think of me...chick-a-boom"

@petewentz night dad I sho do miss u..mama puts me to bed at 11 and that crazy lady wakes up at 7!

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2786 days ago

night dad I sho do miss u..mama puts me to bed at 11 and that crazy lady wakes up at 7!


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mosoto_com 2716 days ago

hey Ashlee cool pic! come chat on Mosoto!

sarah174ever 2718 days ago

He misses Jeanae!

shannundead 2741 days ago

Aw! The dog is cute! (: Ashlee, you and Pete are awesome. (:

bare_foot 2742 days ago

For everyone upset about pete's break up with Jeanae... I feel you, it's hard when two people you have never met break up!! I'm setting up a support group to help you all get through this tough time... F*cking twunts!!!

yasmiinaa 2743 days ago

Does your dog REALLY have its own bed?...

jessicabullets 2748 days ago

Hemmingway is soooooo cute! Pete your family miss you!

themoontower 2748 days ago

is this ashlee simpson?

themoontower 2748 days ago

is this ashlee simpson?

StephaniePxFAN 2748 days ago

wats with the rudeness ash is pretty u seriously need 2 get a life is it cus ur jealous. And 4 the rest of u if u dont hav anything nice 2 say well then SHUT UP . Cute dog. Luk after ur self and the little one . XX

ashetonnnn 2749 days ago

Those of you who are leaving rude comments need to lay off. It's extremely immature. Especially when you make a whole twitter account devoted to trashing someone. Get a life!

Ashleesbignose 2749 days ago

He misses Petes' Ex

FotoFriday 2755 days ago

he looks grumpy Send ur best Pics to Don't 4get 2 Caption! #FotoFriday

paulaapeace 2755 days ago

i love this doggggg!

AnnaElyy 2766 days ago

hemmy i fell u brother

PabloZerpa 2769 days ago

ash this is your another baby what you have to care but first your amazing son bronx mowly

sarah174ever 2772 days ago

Haaha I do remember seeing that other Pretty Girl with Hem , it's only a matter of time until We see another Girl with Him.

mylipsmovefast 2772 days ago

jeanae whites dog BIG Nose Bitch

Trololololol_ 2774 days ago

Aww he's so cute! Pete, you have one wife,Ashlee, and two kids, Bronx and Hemmingway! They ALL miss you!!

fobismyhomeboys 2774 days ago

poor hemmy

Lorrriii 2776 days ago

aww I bet he does miss daddy :(