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H*A*M  crashed facebook!

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1779 days ago

H*A*M crashed facebook!


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kushy_sue 1445 days ago

my birthday. aha.

LUCYMEAHMORTON 1701 days ago

...Watching your own video? ;)

elencep 1731 days ago

You have Facebook? WOW am not deactivating it now, i want to add you! I love you!

KathrynS__ 1736 days ago

this means you have facebook :( i want to add you.

joynpain1 1737 days ago

Wow!!! Yeezy ur destructive! I'm scared to ask what's next! I love it! peacelovejoy

HanaLunaHer 1737 days ago


JosephRobeRT326 1766 days ago

Chilling like a villian in my Air ones, po lice checking me out like i counterfeit my ones

JosephRobeRT326 1766 days ago

Bada Bing ,Bada boom, i wear prada shoes that makes me flyer than you

JosephRobeRT326 1771 days ago

like a box i boom, Malcom X, if you dont know yet im talking drug money magik mush i only need more room to grow you

JosephRobeRT326 1771 days ago

You only need heat to start a fire, now here i come just through the wires

DATNIGAHHMAZEN 1773 days ago

lol i love the hate ... thats y we bouta go ham hahahaha but um Ahhmazen (A-MAY-ZEN) wana be apart of the kanye & jay colab .. weas the app ? email ?..

Alliesmusic 1773 days ago

Rot in hell kanye! You wish it was your stupid H*A*M shit everyone knows it's HIAM. Stupid ass.

6126LohanSpears 1774 days ago

Sorry man it was Hold it against me they crashed FCB

LegendaryBrit 1774 days ago

Details: Look at the browser tabs, Kanye West watches himself on Youtube, to gain more Views! Hahahaha, fucking loser.. #Fail

CHARLESHOWARTH 1774 days ago

You watch yourself on youtube?

OhHaiItsHunter 1775 days ago

Actually, it was Hold it Against Me that crashed Facebook:) haha.

JDirtyTalk 1776 days ago

KANYESEGOEGO 1776 days ago


IamRichGreen 1776 days ago

Watch The Throne H.A.M. Remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9dwYL6iRR0