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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

A little blackberry action during training today.

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2320 days ago

A little blackberry action during training today.


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Franjimenezp 2225 days ago

lol, you and your blackberry are niseparable. When you are trainig, you are using the blackberry? Are you taking photo and update in this moment?

lanjian 2311 days ago

I like this view!!

attacking90 2313 days ago

Tough job Lance! :) But if you're texting your kids, U may find their thumbs are faster, be careful! Be well, do good

oldultrarunner 2314 days ago

Love this photo!! I wish I could have someone riding behind me to take shots like this!! Go Lance!!

Aldaco23 2314 days ago

I´d love to know what the txt was!

mcdoni1 2315 days ago

Stunning photo. Very inspirational and motivational. Keep it real.

nightng 2316 days ago

you're talented.

tessthefirst 2317 days ago handlebars no handlebars....and I can....tweet while I ride my bike, while I ride my bike....

carolintexas 2318 days ago

Oh, this is so beautiful! I can almost feel the fresh air!

cooperhill 2318 days ago

"I can ride my bike with no handlebars"

gordonshaw 2318 days ago

Such a small shadow yet so much high are you???

LarryBirdy 2318 days ago

Watch out for them potholes!

soonerpa 2318 days ago

Lance, I don't recall you whipping the Blackberry out on training rides during 7 Tour wins. Or did you? Ha. Come on man, put the Blackberry down!!!!!! :-)

relai 2318 days ago

Very Scenic. I love Colorado.

Highmountain4 2319 days ago

Another amazing shot. Hopefully nto too many of the local folk talk this multitasking up - they are dangerous enough riding and talking on cell phones!!!

smccoy78 2319 days ago

At least you have someone to take your photos of you cycling for you! I use my cell phone to snap photos of myself while riding, but heck-when you ride all the time you know how to be careful :) BEAUTIFUL PHOTO

sixsigmagirl 2319 days ago

not very safe dude..but of course you're the man!

pauchis 2319 days ago

wow that's a wonderful pic!

Aine997 2319 days ago

Love this photo.

jcep1989 2319 days ago

Nice photo......