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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

Your final clue. This one is difficult.

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2058 days ago

Your final clue. This one is difficult.


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Toth35f 2056 days ago

grabby gobbledygook Hi take a look at

HeyRed 2058 days ago

1. Dr. Who script. 2. Simpsons. You're the new king of TV.

scarredsoul 2058 days ago

Considering the new Who, this is definitely cooler in my opinion

lauriepink 2058 days ago

Ooh, nice one!
But, really, cooller than Who? Tch.

duckyweb 2058 days ago


marcosfaria70 2058 days ago

Do you still say you'd rather be on Futurama?

Kerstvogel 2058 days ago

I say: when?!

GMTminus7 2058 days ago

But Sideshow Bob's already got your hair!

march_haigha 2058 days ago

Nice! I haven't watched The Simpsons for years but I'll watch this episode. :)

daria_h 2058 days ago

Neil, what are you doing to me? I'll have to watch simpsons for the first time in my life because of this

dasbrainien 2058 days ago

Cool! Neil meets Homer!

DionneSimone 2058 days ago

I just peed myself a little...

ThyTimeLord 2058 days ago

Wow!!! Awesome!!

mauriciotdantas 2058 days ago

Gaiman nos Simpsons? Sensacionzzzzzzz....

jennie_z 2058 days ago

congrats--you just convinced me to watch a new episode of the simpsons for the first time in about 8 years.

ricardojuchem 2058 days ago

Então o Neil Gaiman vai aparecer nos Simpsons? Woo Hoo!

justgotlayed 2058 days ago

The voice over for Marge? I give.

geosteph 2058 days ago

so wrote the script and guesting on the Simpsons

Marjorie73 2058 days ago

Very difficult. Can't imagine what you're up to. <grin> have fun!

Applemask_ 2058 days ago

Yes. Yes it is.