Angelo Carusone


Executive Vice President of Media Matters (@mmfa). Chicanery stopper. #DumpTrump organizer. Formerly @StopBeck. Onward! (Statements here are mine.)

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techrsr 1961 days ago

Epic #meta

jntshts 1964 days ago

its from a humorous self deprecatimg promo he taped....he's shooting himself in the foot. You ppl just don't 'get' Glenn. Thats ok , but don't hate what you don't understand.

Dee04o 1965 days ago

back bifurcating Hi take a look at

murmur55 1965 days ago

Happiness is a warm gun in the hands of a clown. Thanks America.

jerahbritzy 1965 days ago


leiaswift 1965 days ago

Forget the hatred, we need more love

EriktheGreat 1966 days ago

Guns do not equal violence. LIBERALS ARE DOING & GETTING IT WRONG!

gwestdallas 1966 days ago

The true face of the Wing Nuts!!!

kittehboi 1966 days ago

Kill violent people!

dirtyfinger42 1966 days ago

Firepower against violence!

MaryKWitte 1967 days ago

The Accidental Irony Award for the Day! Thank You random image generator for your assistance!

rga7679 1967 days ago

what does anyone expect from the self-appointed Ayrian brotherhood minister of information?

WCaddict 1967 days ago

irony 1 (ˈaɪrənɪ)

— n , pl -nies
1. the humorous or mildly sarcastic use of words to imply the opposite of what they normally mean
2. an instance of this, used to draw attention to some incongruity or irrationality

jbuttizzle 1967 days ago

What happens when a morning zoo guy gets a tv show.

Geevie 1967 days ago

Like I said. A picture is worth a 1000 words.

HalSparks 1967 days ago

Armed and Delusional

FretslayerHufPo 1967 days ago

Glenn Beck. Proof that eating paint chips causes brain damage.

localhbci 1967 days ago

It's not. It may take several refreshes but the picture IS there. Doesn't mean it's a call to violence.

wickedclownpz 1967 days ago

Its photo shopped you fucking retards!

piker62 1967 days ago

This is, and isn't, a mixed message. Yes it is, obviously.