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Probably the greatest license plate ever, or the absolute worst ever..

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2224 days ago

Probably the greatest license plate ever, or the absolute worst ever..


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YankeeMegInPHL 2223 days ago

Classic! This is right up there with the Amish buggy I passed one day with a NASCAR license plate. This one would have made sense too.

belladawg 2224 days ago

If I'm a cop I'm so pulling that guy over. There's no way he has car insurance.

chadstud04 2224 days ago

did anyone hear the story of the lady that loves tofu and wanted: ILVTOFU, from Denver. But I like this one too.

domenator 2224 days ago

British Knights lol

Lanell512 2224 days ago

seriously you live in SF, right?

SFGIANTS_FAN 2224 days ago

I'd like to meet the person who has this license plate.

ChipTater 2224 days ago

sooo, this person would rather go barefoot than wear his/her British Knights?

mario_sjmn 2224 days ago

This driver likes to ride horses without a saddle...big deal?!? Oh wait...oh, as Butthead would say: uhuhuh huhuh uhuhuhhhuhuuuh

Traedog3 2224 days ago

California DMV got 100's of complaints on vegitarian plate that read I heart tofu. "I love to FU"

PeterEllenby 2224 days ago

So they guy shaves his back? So what. ; )

marty81646 2224 days ago

Bare Burger King????

CogitoErgoSam1 2224 days ago

lol Is this your license plate, Barry? jk.

m___o___b 2224 days ago

makes a good point.

clintonsanford 2224 days ago

Someone here on Michigan has one saying that!

bakedzito 2224 days ago

one of the best for sure

sprtbuff 2224 days ago

The Greatness of this photo all depends on the driver....

pitbulllove4613 2224 days ago

Def one of the greatest!

Keelime_ 2224 days ago

That's pretty hilarious. I'm gonna say great. :-D