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So far this my fav pic sent tonight that doesn't involve nudity. Well, it's a nude hand I guess.

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1941 days ago

So far this my fav pic sent tonight that doesn't involve nudity. Well, it's a nude hand I guess.


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Tsommerville5 1938 days ago

(to Erik cont.) funny, and the reason some are trying to explain that is that some didn't seem to get why it was funny - it's really not that hard to figure out, right?

Tsommerville5 1938 days ago

LOL! Erik, the mispelling IS part of the joke. (Not spelling correctly is part of illiteracy, that's how they would be illiterate - illiteracy encompasses spelling and reading, as well as diction and a functional knowledge of the language). But yes, it is

brandizzle717 1940 days ago

ummm the guy already said he was stupid you now look like an idiot for correcting him. congrats to you. you're soooooo smart. and also so clever for figureing this out. is that what yyou wanted to hear. it must be since you would waste your time looking

emilyschnaidt 1941 days ago

At least my positive thinking earned me a BA and PhD!!

SophiePengellyx 1941 days ago

Hey that's hilarious :P x

TheRaquelephant 1941 days ago

lefty ~~~~~~~ awesome

npq1990 1941 days ago

really though who gives a fuck how it is spelled....this is funny let it be

Erikg86 1941 days ago

How is a person illiterate just because they spelt "you're" as "your"? It's part of the joke!

alishiaaLETO 1941 days ago

okay guys I sent this in and I honestly don't care about spelling I'm writing on my hand not handing in an essay. and i'm just happy Dane answered me :)

bereka422 1941 days ago

Your funny we should hang out

bonniefly 1941 days ago

love it!

princessluz08 1941 days ago

haha...my aunt made me the same bracelet for xmas lol

JamesAugspurger 1941 days ago

That is some fancy looking science equations there.

lornalynott 1941 days ago

you know what is stupid? this thread....

Tsommerville5 1941 days ago

So, in conclusion, that's why the irony of the mispelling makes this so funny. The person is illiterate and really DOES need to keep studying. (And, Trisha_Uno, that's why your/you're was an issue here - some people just don't get it.)

Darth_Vyper 1941 days ago

Hey everyone! It's spelled wrong on purpose! She's telling herself that she's stupid! It's spelled wrong cus she's stupid!!! DUH!!! My god, you guys are too literal!

Joshnjules 1941 days ago

Other hands says "or else I'll beat the shit out of you"

Tsommerville5 1941 days ago

(cont.) the only way YOUR would work in the context you indicated.

Tsommerville5 1941 days ago

So, if there was a friend that wrote it on this person's hand, they would be saying, in your definition, "I am the stupid who belongs to you that is telling you to keep studying." Sort of like the end of a letter where we say your friend so and so. That's

pbrebber 1941 days ago

not enough space? you add an "E" ya dunce