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Female version.I took my time on these.Sometimes I let my quality decline when I feel rushed.But it's no excuse.

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2112 days ago

Female version.I took my time on these.Sometimes I let my quality decline when I feel rushed.But it's no excuse.


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MM_AQW 2107 days ago

Like most of your armors, I luv the eye design =D

ArkaleReaper 2107 days ago

hey milt i saw this odd armor on ur char page. i think it was last thursday (1-6-11) is it a work in progress or is it just a personal thing? http://www.twitpic.com/3pounn

Dusknoir93 2108 days ago

Np, ^.^"! and same goes for me ^.~"

crimsonshade 2108 days ago

ty for the headsup! no ill-fitting brassieres, tyvm. i like the ones on your fave armor. :3

TayyabArtist 2109 days ago

this armour is awesome and i love the background

clarkhou 2109 days ago


HancokAe 2109 days ago

I like the female version better than the male. Just seems more hell-bent on destruction, to me xD

DivineKnightX 2110 days ago

cool, very cool. please see http://twitpic.com/3nsvvc and http://twitpic.com/3nsuok made by MatheusRibeiro123

ANAneychik 2110 days ago

I'd recommend for you to replace the Vs on the torso with small individual metallic plates on every distinguishable abdominal muscle, shade the chest similarly to the torso with shadows cast beneath plating, make the head and neck slightly li

LoreDSL 2110 days ago

This would be epic with animation fire, on arms, legs and foot!

LoreDSL 2110 days ago

this armor is for suggestion shop. Its Reddy who made it so milt can't take credit..

QuestionMarkAQW 2110 days ago

Lol @ needle-nips

Dusknoir93 2110 days ago

Skyline made that armor :l

crimsonshade 2111 days ago

check out moglin defender and you might change your mind. ;)

McShmoopie 2111 days ago

I wonder if red is really the best eye-color choice, given the color of the rest of the armor? 8)

HallieSlidepath 2111 days ago

I just have one question for you... how come almost everything you make turn out this gorgeous? Meh, now I totally have to get this if it's released.

NovaDraconisAE 2111 days ago

Dage does bustlines better than everyone else on the AQW staff. It's these needle-nips I dislike.

crimsonshade 2111 days ago

omgiwuvit, milt. could you maybe teach dage how to do female chest parts? moglin defender is..D:

Tendounomazo_AK 2111 days ago

A note: this is iltonius verson of solar flux, that means another miltonius quests is coming, not in suggestion shop... look at this armor and you will see that.

orihime_51AE 2111 days ago

this is very beast milt, i look forward to this armor