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Last night, I decided to create a Miltonius version of an armor designed by @ReddyAE. The Solarflux v2.

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2023 days ago

Last night, I decided to create a Miltonius version of an armor designed by . The Solarflux v2.


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Top_AE 1995 days ago

hes not acting cool man...i think hes just exited i mean...if i were chosen between million of people for my draw i would talk just like him...just because i would be exited....

matinvengeance1 1995 days ago

im not stalking u im just saying i just read ur tweets ur just like acting cool

ReddyTheCat 1995 days ago

But I don't rly understand why you, who I don't know and I doubt that you know about me, are so interested in telling me how to act according to your opinion.

ReddyTheCat 1995 days ago

Thats ok if you don't think that I'm cool (I don't consider myself to be by much anyways; sry that you interpret my actions as such) and ik about other artists like and lol I'll probably never be as good as th

matinvengeance1 1995 days ago

your acting so kool that u got only two of ur armors there are a lot of better artist than u so stop acting kool which ur not

avatarx25 2016 days ago

hmmm umm ok then, looks ok i guess, better than the last one :) pls check out my Armour and Weaponhttp://twitpic.com/3q5id3

barry5678aqw 2017 days ago

Reddy, if you check milts charpage, he has this armor equiped right now. He might be releasing it.

FadingRage 2017 days ago

nah this is way better

l3r421L 2017 days ago

Reddy's version is better

Karmytex 2017 days ago

Wow! O_O

Rinma_AQW 2018 days ago

Are people rly that ignorant? If so, im very disappointed in humanity.

ReddyTheCat 2018 days ago

Lol ikr, but now we'll know who is the most dense yet cause that's been said multiple times now e_e

Rinma_AQW 2018 days ago

*clears throat* Ahem... IT'S FOR SUGGESTION SHOP. Nothing to do with Miltonius SHOP or QUESTS. Get it through your heads.

Maktara_AQW 2018 days ago

milt should have his own suggestion shop lol

IchidoriVX 2018 days ago


ReddyTheCat 2018 days ago

...one thing for one person and Ahhhh the Suggestion Shop >_>

Top_AE 2018 days ago

yea....i agree...its like dage undead warrior to undead champ....miltonius could add this to his zone upgrading solar flux with his items...

QuestionMarkAQW 2018 days ago

N'aww, that would just be silleh. I really don't want to have to waste my invent space with odokuro's brain or w/e just to get this ._.

ReddyTheCat 2018 days ago

Ik, then it would be unfair to the ppl that bought the original version, but since a player and not their staff made one item... well Milt said that it wasn't for his area so they probably don't want to do all the coding for one thing for one

IchidoriVX 2018 days ago

Yep,would be great upgrade some itens in suggestion shop...you know like solarflux,Spirit Sword and others