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These are Jared Loughner's myspace photos... look at the gun.

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2163 days ago

These are Jared Loughner's myspace photos... look at the gun.


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skemiri 2161 days ago

Jared Lee Loughner Myspace Photos


govfounder 2162 days ago

Pray for the people he hurt and the families he hurt. For that is what we need to do now.

govfounder 2162 days ago

So making assumption that he is a tea party member. Makes no sense since he makes no reference to them.

govfounder 2162 days ago

People like this don't hold a political side for they have lost touch with the real world.

govfounder 2162 days ago

People need to realize that in these days. We need to let cooler heads prevail.

skemiri 2163 days ago

Jared Lee Loughner Photo:


shancock1969 2163 days ago

COME TOGETHER! Isn't that what the beatles said? or do we have to get beyonce to say that?

shancock1969 2163 days ago

and get the community right! You can't walk around thinking you know it all and wanting to be famous

shancock1969 2163 days ago

let alone try to hurt someone for my beliefs. This new generation needs to put their heads together

shancock1969 2163 days ago

I always knew this area was getting bad but not like this. When I was 22 I didn't even think of politics

shancock1969 2163 days ago

I live down the road from this- senseless! The idiot shooter lives right accross from a friend of mine

jaredt112 2163 days ago

Nazism still had socialism as an economic base. Also, Stalin wasn't a socialist. GG

DaveDuring 2163 days ago

If he had brown skin then words like "terrorism" and "al quaida" would be really popular right now

MUngar 2163 days ago

Reading some of these tweets just goes to show there are some real idiots out there who have no clue what they are talking about!!! Check your facts people before you go slamming a particular party affiliation. You will look stupid once you realize he w

MUngar 2163 days ago

Some of you need to do your homework on this Physco....he was nothing that the Tea Party stands for.

gwestdallas 2163 days ago

Such a Tea Party wing nut! OMG!!!

BryceKube 2163 days ago

The person in the video isn't Loughner, it's just a "favorite" video of his.

ARogozin 2163 days ago

It is Glock model 17. As at least 18 were killed or wounded, it means it had a 33 cartridges mag.

malie_c 2163 days ago

Who said the people who tweeted that were Tea Party members? Why does all of this have to be associated with them all based on assumption?