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Sarah Palin had Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on her "gun target" map. A photo of the map -

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2234 days ago

Sarah Palin had Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on her "gun target" map. A photo of the map -


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ZEEMADMANTOO 2233 days ago

Oh No, Put That Thing Away! Sprrtt. Ahh, He Spooged Me! Oh Nasty. You'll Live, Go Wash Ur Face!

ZEEMADMANTOO 2233 days ago

Maybe We Should Change The Target Cursor To A Penis! Then When Someone Gets Spunked Blame Us!!!

ZEEMADMANTOO 2233 days ago

So It Sounds Like All YOU HATERS R The THREAT To Our Country & Our Freedom! TROLL Much? Losers!

ZEEMADMANTOO 2233 days ago

A Story On Newsmax Says This Shooter Had NOTHING TO DO WITH Sarah Palin! NOTHING!Got That?Good!

ZEEMADMANTOO 2233 days ago

I Want All TROLLS to go Jump off a Freeway Bridge into Traffic Now! Does this make Me a Killer?

Leyland0354 2233 days ago

Again, observe the idiocy of the American public...Darwin Awards finalists unite!

pinoypete 2233 days ago

Sarah Palin is a dangerous threat to our Country! Now we can see what irreparable damage her irresponsible rantings have caused. She should be immediately filed from Fox and the American people should disregard her rhetoric. She is a disgrace!

mongolloyd1 2233 days ago

Palin should be charged with TREASON! She engaged in action against our government! This is proof!

mongolloyd1 2233 days ago

Why do u teabaggers and republican shareon angle threaten to take back power with "2nd amendment remedies?

mongolloyd1 2233 days ago

Why do u stupid teabaggers & republiKLAN use gun sights to target opponents? & then they get shot!

PNW_pattieann 2233 days ago

People, such as Palin, in positions of power, need to be socially responsible & know when to censor themselves.

Wortsh 2233 days ago

How come so many of you Americans blaim innocent people every time things like this happen? The man who did this was obviously mentally ill. Do you really believe that he was paid by the Republicans to do a thing like this? Take hold of yourselves and sho

kimme 2233 days ago

Americans should vote for the health bill and ban all weapons....

murmur55 2234 days ago

Kelly, her opponent:

Leyland0354 2234 days ago

Never underestimate the idiocy of the American public. Incredible.

sadlowss 2234 days ago

Why is it OK when the Dems did it? The DLC did it back in 2008. Put bullseyes on maps targeting republican areas. And your buddy at the KOS scrubbed his site of this link

itsavantika 2234 days ago

Furthermore, there has been an upsurge of people getting banned from their comments.
Honestly, if Palin and her staff have nothing to fear, why would they censor comments, good or bad? Would that not be against palin's views of upholding the constitution

itsavantika 2234 days ago

I think what we all need to realize is that blaming Sarah Palin is false caustion, HOWEVER. we also need to realize that the shooter may have been influenced by her words, because people takes things literally. its a possibility, maybe not what Palin inte

JustinHanzich 2234 days ago

Just Palin wielding her power around like a seven year old with daddy's shotgun. No respect.