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As noted by @AnnaHolmes, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was on Sarah Palin's political hit list.

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1333 days ago

As noted by , Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was on Sarah Palin's political hit list.


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TaoJoannes 1332 days ago

"Don't retreat, reload!" -Sarah Palin #tcot Congresswoman Giffords

alcrehan 1332 days ago


Alakawak 1332 days ago

God I hope you all realize how ridiculous YOU look with this stupid shit. Obama would laugh in your faces for suggesting this. But then he would also BEG you never to vote for him again because he doesn't want to be associated with pathetic wackos like

buckyturco 1333 days ago

Wow, just wow. http://bit.ly/fuv05I "We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sites." -Palin staffer Rebecca Mansour on "target list."

kiya_wakan 1333 days ago

Here is the new cause link, Charge Palin with involuntary manslaughter for incitement to violence!... http://www.causes.com/causes/562243-charge-sarah-palin-jesse-kelly-involuntary-manslaughter-by-inciting-violence-re-rep-giffords?m=2123fdf5&recruiter

guidecca1 1333 days ago

Obama, go after the real villains in the world, DoD, GOP - not Julian Assange

Novusfish 1333 days ago

I disagree with Sarah Palin as much as the next true libertarian, but to say this a "not a coincidence" and "Sarah Palin tried to murder Giffords", that's just ignorant.

Warriner74a 1333 days ago

5mqb Hi take a look at Look013.com

lavagal 1333 days ago

What is this? Are you kidding me? THIS is AMERICA? #Arizona

Pale_Angel 1333 days ago

Bitch! I just pray for everyone today, its a sad day for freedom

motherofdreams 1333 days ago

most of the statements I am reading are immature! Read the entire page ppl!

BredyCharles 1333 days ago

America please do not vote this craze nut into office

FredOwen 1333 days ago

Not a very intelligent thing to post Sarah!

Debsblooming 1333 days ago

Palin needs to be arrested.

elise_margaret 1333 days ago

I have a really hard time believing this a coincidence.

suo_gan 1333 days ago


MetteMac 1333 days ago

Does appear to be incitement to commit murder involved here, but you know nothing will be done. Wow what a place the usa is. It actually scares me. Good luck to you all.

BlatantWorld 1333 days ago

I really hope this does not start a trend, and that it has nothing to do with that maniac Palin. Mostly, I hope it does not lead to Dem's being afraid to debate. Palin should be jailed for life for her Fatwa on Assange!!!

dukiekb 1333 days ago

Is this really appropriate? Perhaps you need to think about her and her health first. assholes

aprettynigga 1333 days ago