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this patients had weakness on the left side of the body and a headache. can you guess what we did?

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1926 days ago

this patients had weakness on the left side of the body and a headache. can you guess what we did?


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nish3123 1551 days ago

right sided subdural hematoma (fronto-parietal hemorrhage) needing craniotomy to relieve pressure

doc4life11 1795 days ago

i geuss the left side of the brain has been filled with some fluid to fill the space thus avoiding the brain bouncing from side to side

Kusa2k 1847 days ago

Had to consult greg on this one, but we both think its lupus

SusanVarsames 1877 days ago

cranio sacral therapy???just kidding...

Saree211 1883 days ago

looks like a rt. sided subdural hematoma s/p perhaps a fall while he was DRUNK?..lol or a fall in an elderly pt...we need more patient history Dr.Gupta! LOL! =)

kimiinny 1890 days ago


limbylimb 1897 days ago

right subdural haematoma. weakness affecting the motor cortex.

scott1224 1910 days ago

Could be a possibility, lets see what Dr. Gupta says about the image!?

scott1224 1910 days ago

Looks like he has a midline shift to the left, and the white dot seen is a intraventricular shunt draining the blood from the R side subdural hematoma. Commonly subdurals are caused by a shearing force rupturing a bridge vein...causing a slower bleed and

rbonilla 1919 days ago


darrelolo 1924 days ago


darrelolo 1925 days ago

Looks like a right frontoparietal hemorrhage, but it doesn't look like there are signs of an acute stroke because the brain doesn't look damaged. I'd guess subdural hematoma too, and craniotomy to releave pressure.

Mhilda 1925 days ago

Looks like fluid build up on the right side - so relief should be given for head trauma. Stroke???

prisrob 1926 days ago

A bleed of some sort in the back right lobe.

lak1 1926 days ago

Decompressed the brain not sure what the white thing is there is a shadow so it could be metal just never seen before

execusuite 1926 days ago

Right Parietal Lobe in the back of the head looks damaged and if it affects the left side of the body, could it be a stroke or is it further back in the brain in the Occiptal Lobe that would affect eyesight? Hmmm, what do you say Dr. Gupta?

lkaminoff 1926 days ago

duh. Just noticed the "R" on the film.

tammysoh 1926 days ago

right subdural haematoma --> clot evacuation?

lkaminoff 1926 days ago

I hope you drained all that fluid from inside of skull. Is image flipped? Left side symp. should come from right hemi.

maya6292 1926 days ago

Well, the right hemisphere def looks wonky, plus there is that white spot on the left, but I'm not sure what part of the brain that is. Looks to me like you need to reduce the swelling and perhaps check for foreign obj.