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Clay's "Pic of the Day!"  Not sure if I did this one already; but know my Tweeps will tell me!  Go for it!

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2001 days ago

Clay's "Pic of the Day!" Not sure if I did this one already; but know my Tweeps will tell me! Go for it!


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Daniel_Craig 1966 days ago


sandarwai 1993 days ago

es una mezcla de admiracion y poesia lo que veo..

MrDDon 1997 days ago

The beauty of a blue petunia or maybe even a blue Calla Lilly. Thanks ! These brighten our days here on Earth.

Astro_Clay 1997 days ago

The "Sugarland Express" got this one is near Vilankulos in Mozambique, Africa. The colors are, simply put, spectacular!!!

Earthweek 1998 days ago

Thanks Astro Clay. Here's a summary I wrote to explain what's in the image.

shiosho_chao 1999 days ago


PC0101 2000 days ago

The US coast is full of such features, searching at high resolution then … painful ;-)

djsheptx 2000 days ago

Your "hint" caused me to search Australia first :-) but when I didn't find it there, I decided to give Africa a try,even without seeing your tweet to Pam. The topo looked cold and remote, which narrowed down the places to Africa :-)

djsheptx 2000 days ago

Thanks for the sved me a lot of searching the coast of USA!

djsheptx 2000 days ago

PC0101 2000 days ago

Orbits repeat and so the scenes repeat. Particularly when they are so impressive. Almost identical.

PC0101 2000 days ago

How come? Searching Africa at random, what if Australia? Or seen my tweet to Pam with the link to the Soichi pic? ;-))

EricJFKleijssen 2000 days ago

WOW ! wonderful! head on!

djsheptx 2000 days ago

Near Vilankulos in Mozambique.

pamkstewart 2001 days ago

Also small airstrip and a few roads. Looking at Google Earth...lots of karst in lots of places.

PC0101 2001 days ago

Found it. Quite a different continent, each of the guesses is FAR off …

PC0101 2001 days ago

New to me too. These are patterns of sand on the seabed, illuminated by sunlight from above. Dark blue streaks are due to underwater currents making the sea deeper (and appear darker).

pamkstewart 2001 days ago

Looks like karst topography so I'd go with Florida...though I can't find it, also karst in Texas :-o

marielsanjur21 2001 days ago

mm...mmm...I think this is totally new Mr. Clay!

lucillaaa 2001 days ago

patagonia??? ;-) ...amazing !!!