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I am a youtube beauty guru under the screen name JuicyStar07 and youtube vlogger OtherJuicyStar07

really? seriously? for real? ugggg......

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1999 days ago

really? seriously? for real? ugggg......


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RachelAspdenX 1997 days ago

OhMyGosh, I once tried uploading a 6 minute video, and the time said 245 minutes. So I stay up and wait and wait until 11:30 at night on a SCHOOL NIGHT, and it's at 100%, and I'm like F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, I've been waiting for this since 1 'o' clock this afteer

pinkloveglitter 1997 days ago

how about you try uploading it on ur other channel????:) hope it works:)))!!

Hulvershorn420 1997 days ago

tnm6 Hi take a look at

jesus_niall 1998 days ago

i hope it works, im really looking foreword to that video! <3

Janoskians4lif3 1998 days ago

That happened to me to :(

EmilysiPodTouch 1998 days ago


2hard2getpat 1999 days ago

try to separate it in to 2 vids or try to change the format

drama122 1999 days ago

Uhh I hate when that happens!!.I'm a youtuber too

ItsMeAivieee 1999 days ago

That also happened to me.. :(

akilollipop 1999 days ago


ShimmerGold17 1999 days ago

Blair, choose another format like .mp4!

misscarolynrose 1999 days ago

This happens to me every time! I can only have videos under 6 minutes now!!!! D:

Bansi_M 1999 days ago


madeleine13xo 1999 days ago

ggrrr!!! well cant wait 4 whenever its up xx

domilondek 1999 days ago

shame i was looking forward to it but its ok i got a lot of things to do and im really tiered after skl and its only 20:25 omg im gonna pas out like really soon

NatyFernandezH 1999 days ago

noooo D: that sucks :(

rachelleahwhite 1999 days ago

oh no :(.......-__-

djstarlet 1999 days ago


namla8 1999 days ago

ohh ??!!

Brittlynn0429 1999 days ago

thats not right! ..i swear it ALWAYS happens to youuu! Grrrr YouTube.
Buuuut im SUPER excited for it anyway(: