Chris Daughtry


Husband, Father, Singer/ Songwriter, Comic-Book Enthusiast...and Whatnot

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2410 days ago


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alika72 2178 days ago

Can u say...SSEEEXXYYY!!!!!

tzibell 2217 days ago


micheleangelia 2399 days ago

SO HOT!!! These pics are killing me! Must have been vest day that day! LOL

rockinxjen 2407 days ago

Love this pic! You guys look hot :D

ddcmom3092 2407 days ago

Great picture guys.

citascrazy1105 2408 days ago

Hot hot hot... love love love love it :) :D

iluvtheYankees 2408 days ago

love this one!!!

JojoRigby 2408 days ago

So serious Chris, haha!

basha1 2408 days ago


RockerMomInIA 2408 days ago

sweet pic guys....Ok Joey did you dress 3 out of the 5 of

keyannasmommy 2409 days ago

you guys are adorable! Miss you guys! .... VERY MUCH!

sparkleluvr 2409 days ago


lissasimeone 2409 days ago

Totally bad , love it!

dakotagirl0501 2409 days ago

super cute!

usmcwife3521 2409 days ago

very cute!!

karebear1212 2409 days ago

Look its elvis:) hey elvis WAIT WAIT ARENT U DEAD.. OH MY GOD ITS HIS GHOST

sumrgal8 2409 days ago

You guys are too cute!! I love it and I enjoy how Joey is always doing something different with his care. I can't keep up but no matter what it looks good. You guys rock!! Love you!!

Mom2MnX 2409 days ago

Love the picture! lol 's hair of the week comment. So true!

jonie333 2409 days ago

Chris is so cute.. I just love him, saw him at the A.I. tour in Portland... he rocks!!

Shae_C 2409 days ago

Love the pic and the matching vest :) too funny!! :)