Kevin McHale


i need a bio so u dont think im a fake but i need a phrase to rhyme with cookies, chocolate & cake... cos i love cake. well, sugar in general. thanks. :)

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2569 days ago


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ceLeste182 2289 days ago

Ou! :D

Melanie_Ann_VFC 2568 days ago

rehearsal looks like a lot of work. lol. sitting on a couch, going over your lines... sounds exhausting.

KateHollywood 2568 days ago

well if you call that rehersing, count me in! ;)

bri_jay 2569 days ago

Nice working space... At least there's couches to rest on ;)

bri_jay 2569 days ago

aww you guys must rehears hard to be so tired... I have a feeling GLEE is going to be an Amazing show!

FatimaMaltesers 2569 days ago

You Deserve sometime OUT of your wheelchair =P

FatimaMaltesers 2569 days ago

Poor You!

xo_sugarlips_ox 2569 days ago

Laying on the couch!!! Wow kev that must be exhausting LOL.

diekeligthart 2569 days ago

wow, you guys look very active ;)

CJ_HoE 2569 days ago

ummm.... is the rehearsal on the couch? cuz otherwise i'm thinkin this is a sham! rehearsal = bein' lazy? lol

mlo4a 2569 days ago

yeah interesting! r the guys relax or really sleep?

pomsterr 2569 days ago

looks like a giant wafer

morrallii 2569 days ago

wow! you seem to rehearse alot more than I imagened :P

VeeRhapsody 2569 days ago

it looks oh so glamorous, hehe

christinapeters 2569 days ago

very very interesting kevin. lol.