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Executive Vice President of Media Matters (@mmfa). Chicanery stopper. #DumpTrump organizer. Formerly @StopBeck. Onward! (Statements here are mine.)

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Will_Dees 2163 days ago

Umm, Glenn needs to work on his drag makeup. He's got the Divine eyebrows down, though...fab, girl!

WiseGuyEddie 2163 days ago

It's clowns like Glenn Beck that give us a bad name

WickedGlitter1 2199 days ago

Is that John Wayne Gacy? Omg, its Glenn Beck, John's evil twin.

politicalsplash 2199 days ago

How sad. Wasn't this called racists when it was done to Obama?

memimemimy 2201 days ago

CREEPY!! How can he stand looking at himself in a mirror, makeup or not. STOP BECK!

Walkins33y 2203 days ago

vpm0 Hi take a look at

Luhgnut 2204 days ago

The only thing scarier than this is for this ass clown to show up at 3:30 am on your doorstep in the rain.

beamoore61 2204 days ago

Glen Beck channeling John Gacy...and I bet it's not a stretch for him.

AloofObserver 2204 days ago


le_chacal 2204 days ago

"The John Wayne Gacy News Hour w/ Glenn Beck" or "The Tears of an AssClown"

boloboffin 2204 days ago

This need of 's to constantly humiliate himself is pathological.

jc_ford2003 2204 days ago

A clown inside and out.

anellah 2204 days ago

More than once I've told people I think Glenn Beck is a clown. Now I have proof.

Pim_Peccable 2204 days ago

Actually, #GOP stands for 'Greedy Oligarchal Plutocrat', but maybe in some language 'Tears Of Clown'

Moon_Panther13 2204 days ago

Cool, put him to gether with Boehner and they can have a good cry....

sjcilluffo 2204 days ago


palmerblues 2205 days ago

So, does GOP stand for Greedy, Old, Paranoid?

757EliasHZ 2205 days ago

This is what years of being a Mormom does to you.

lambertslovelee 2205 days ago

Is he unstable and still has custody of his children? His kids must be petrified of him!

RevNickie 2205 days ago

Everytime u write "not photoshopped" w/reference 2 Beck I am compelled 2 look as @ a horrible ACCIDENT