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Photo of the Day: What signing 35 bills in a row looks like

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1946 days ago

Photo of the Day: What signing 35 bills in a row looks like


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charyn65 1945 days ago

Welcome Home Mr. President! Glad to see you back at work. Hope that you had an enjoyable and peaceful vacation!

AmerLena 1945 days ago

Very impressive, but did you read the Bills before you signed them? Probably not. They have earmarks and you promised NO more earmarks. Thanks

Chamalaeon 1946 days ago

Oh wow. Good for you, but sheesh that's a lot of paper there.

PaulDePalo 1946 days ago

Lets do something more important like shrinking Goverment !!!!!!!!!

PaulDePalo 1946 days ago

Completly rediculous !! AS for the pens The white house does not spend anything its all ours .

linc0lnpark 1946 days ago

#cosign RT God Bless you, Mr. President!

rguillen0655 1946 days ago

Hey Mr. President you look kind of bussy at home. Come down to El Salvador and visit us, it is a very relax weather and time here.

SAPope 1946 days ago

Definitely a busy day & hopefully all those bills will make for a much Happier New Year for all:)

chrismay77 1946 days ago

God Bless you, Mr. President!

WWalkerWW 1946 days ago

I would like to praise Nancy Pelosi for empower the house to pass a record number of bills.. the 35 of 400 she and the house worked; more power to you Mr. President need more advocacy on the demand side of the economy and infrastructure. If you could pass

SOINTEX 1946 days ago

that's fraking SWEET.

ckaiserca 1946 days ago

How much does the White House spend on pens?

JAZZYUSA 1946 days ago

Now this is news the people can use. Thanks for sharing and continue to move forward.