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PhillyKisses 1653 days ago

D0 ya THaNg ma!

BrilliantKisses 1660 days ago

are u seriously mimicking nicki

BrilliantKisses 1660 days ago

to see wat ragggggeddddyyyyy ann is sayin n shit in private cuz she aint seein nicki.

InfamousSirius 1661 days ago

why are all these nicki dick riders all on kims shit?

kimandhim 1680 days ago

This is the Jump off, And in the graveyard is where you get dumped off. kim is nicki's carbohydrates lol

Fappable_ 1687 days ago

why come on somebody else shit with so much hate?! Better yet, why the fuck you even on her twitter? SMH

jcurette 1688 days ago

I see dem dusty ass levis regadey ass holes in ya knee highs ...words frm nicki #teamMinaj

Lexxxingt0n 1691 days ago


ItsNiquaBaybee 1726 days ago

*scratches head* i dont understand, you say you dont like her but YET you search the page just to leave a hating comment? Yall stupidity gives me a headache. Go away and hang yourself. PLEASE.

_BiebsFacts_ 1730 days ago


NawtyHawty 1744 days ago

THE ORIGINAL QUEEN BEE! [piss on 'em haters!!!]

_DNP 1746 days ago

Everyone order the blow up doll at lmao

Commoners_Alike 1746 days ago

And you say Nicki Copies you... Hahaha.

iFingeredMedusa 1747 days ago

Is that a blow up doll?

NaomiTwistDior_ 1747 days ago

Nicki Minaj wannabe. not even...

trebrynt14 1772 days ago

I have to say it i just have to its only neccesary #SitchoAssDown

diskophonikivan 1781 days ago

Black barbie dressed in Bvlgari

Seiz58d 1784 days ago

mrt9 Hi take a look at

Emillio_Blanco 1785 days ago

#sityofatdustyassdown Liking nicki doesn't make you look any better #uglyass

AshleyQBJones 1786 days ago

& da corsets?KIMS BEEN wearin dem since back in da day.There are nuff pics of it. So STFU! IRS!