The awkward moment when you fall out of a revolving door.

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2165 days ago

The awkward moment when you fall out of a revolving door.


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OIacono 1979 days ago

Haha your not alone :)

Megan_Bishop28 2088 days ago

Gotta love a bit of Harry and Louis here (: <3

Swagetron 2089 days ago

youch. he's drunk.

ChloeThomasUK 2091 days ago

Aaawh.. Bless him! <3

1D_deniseStyles 2091 days ago

harry and louis <3

TasnimxIdris1 2106 days ago

lol loueehh!! xd

1DUniverse 2111 days ago

LOUIS :D you can just see Harry at the end ;')

1Dmeangirlss 2111 days ago

how is this justin? never ever can this be justin. no. justin was wearing grey. cooor.

ChelseaHollie 2111 days ago

ahh bless louis :')

ChloeeSophia 2137 days ago

Paha :L It's Louis & Harry. Harry is pushing the door around and Louis falls out :P Bless them boys♄

MegannCallan 2137 days ago

LOL Louis!! :') xx

LouisTommoGang 2137 days ago

yeah exactly, this aint Justin, it's Louis Tomlinson from One Direction

LouisTommoGang 2138 days ago

not it isnt! it is LOUIS TOMLINSON cos you can see HARRY STYLES his best mate behind him!

RainbowJedward 2147 days ago

Hahaha u can just see harry! lol louis hilarious x

rainwowcolors 2157 days ago

OMG, Louis! hahahahahahaa

3cheers4bieber 2158 days ago

This isn't Justin Bieber. He never fell out of a revolving door. He just ran into it.... xD

goandgethem 2159 days ago

nice! XD

halcyonheather 2159 days ago

It is justin beiber! cos it was in a magazine, and it showed him squashed up against it

orangepuppy 2161 days ago


leagagee_GMD3 2162 days ago

LOL! Louis you make me laugh even when you dont mean to XD