Anna Kendrick


Pale, awkward and very very small. Form an orderly queue, gents.


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maryaliceblack 2006 days ago

Is it an energy bar? I don't know, but it looks so. Great to start the day, although I prefer croissants ;) Lol. Love you! Xo

gaabsays 2008 days ago


Chaudry54w 2029 days ago

ghtg Hi take a look at

mazeri 2029 days ago

yum! next time, try a cherry ripe or a picnic :)

ohlala1985 2032 days ago

Did you buy this @ the 99cents store?

KristinaFrisby 2032 days ago

gotta say I feel very lame not knowing what this is...but then again probs not as bad as my uk friend when they discovered what twinkies were, it was kind of epic!

MissAlexandraP 2033 days ago

Curly Wurly's r the best!!! And milky bar and snickers and freddo frogs and....I want chocolate

Lydia__1995 2033 days ago

You chose the healthy option ;)

Adima_girl 2033 days ago

yuuum <3 :D

lizzieoliver 2033 days ago

Chocolate and toffee for breakfast? *drool* I love Curlywurlys.

AlwaysPotter7 2033 days ago

omg yum!!! :D

doloresz_k97 2033 days ago

What's this??? Candy or what??? I don't know this... :)

linhhearts13 2033 days ago

yum :)

Vampire_Karen75 2033 days ago

That's taking me back to my childhood, I loved curly Wurly's yum yum yum

sarahpappa 2033 days ago

om nom nom nom nom :)

andy_scarpa 2033 days ago


DaleyBeee 2033 days ago

do you live in the UK now? If so inform me so i can introduce you to Wispa's.

KristensLegs 2033 days ago


SexoRudoCnNickJ 2033 days ago

That's your breakfast? Advantage

AKendrickFan 2033 days ago

enjoy your meal :D