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Actor/author. A mix between nerd and elderly.

Coming soon to CCC (The Chris Colfer Network)...

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2210 days ago

Coming soon to CCC (The Chris Colfer Network)...


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lupita_fernand 1792 days ago

Peruvian Alpacan!!

colfstodio 1934 days ago


StarKlaineBAMF 2078 days ago

that is THEE best thing I have ever seen!! Other than Chris's face, that is!!

BasPettersen 2100 days ago


SnazzMaster842 2107 days ago

Wow, this sounds even better then Americas Next Top Llama.

nutell0 2108 days ago

What even is this...

LiLeiLou 2111 days ago

Oh my God. Why am I laughing so hard?

planetkaatiee 2162 days ago

.. you like alpacas :)

StarGleekPotter 2168 days ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again, You are so creative and talented it hurts.
In a good way.

JDHLRBD 2176 days ago

Chris I really love you, you're like the sweetest thing on earth. The pic is hilarious, I'd watch it

petal4ever83 2184 days ago

omg, i laughed so hard, ur hilarious!

klaineshipper 2184 days ago

that's fantastic.
you're hilariousss.

tanakochanlove 2185 days ago

hahahaha Alpaca rocks! as you dear! Kisses from Peru

EvilLittleDoll 2201 days ago


KlainertO4Ever 2201 days ago

OMG haha x'D nice alpaca
haha Kisses from El Salvador

JustMeJaviera 2202 days ago

you could see my picture? ... is an alpaca !!. ok I'm lying .... is a drawing or you

JustMeJaviera 2202 days ago

ahah omg!!! chris :D your obsession really is very sweet alpacas are animals ....... very pretty in chile there are many ♥ alpacas

bkittysd 2202 days ago

This is ossim! The alpaca is our Galactic Watercooler mascot, too! lol!

JayMcDickness 2202 days ago

haha xD

angerk19 2205 days ago

Chris ..I guess taht you should come to Peru ...there are thousands of alpacas for your Proyect hahaha... I can help you to find them!