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this is the only official ashlee simpson twitter. "click your heels three times and think of me...chick-a-boom"

Dinner with my girlfriends. The painting above our table is oh so kind. Thank you :)

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1545 days ago

Dinner with my girlfriends. The painting above our table is oh so kind. Thank you :)


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Kami_Art 1145 days ago

Thank you!! <3

MeCute07 1510 days ago

He will get my demo from anonymous sources

Seabrook70d 1510 days ago

conversational Hi take a look at v i

MeCute07 1510 days ago

If he doesn't sign me has a new client.....

MeCute07 1510 days ago

If I was him a would be scared. I can make his hair fall off etc. I can make him get sue by other people cause it.

MeCute07 1510 days ago

I putting black magic on Joe Simpson a spell I get my music career.

Addict2Britney 1535 days ago


minnal045 1542 days ago

And the same photo without clothing:

MilBesos 1544 days ago

Hi guys. The artist is Kami. I met her once and she's a sweetheart. Check out her stuff at

coffeeismygod 1544 days ago

thx for posting the artist's name. I've just bookmarked her site. God, there is some *gorgeous* pieces in there! I can't wait to go look when I have more time.

maverickhill 1544 days ago

hey! - fyi: the artist is my homie kami lerner:

JJJ0910918 1545 days ago

blowzier carefulness imprimaturs attire

itsmesaori 1545 days ago


ShawncStodden 1545 days ago

Oh for Christ sakes what a master piece of a painting that is Ashley!

mooeess 1545 days ago


MichaelJBM 1545 days ago

nice :3

dejacharisse 1545 days ago

That's such a cool painting!!! Where did you girls eat at?

hanelajyh 1545 days ago

that painting ROCKS!!!

chrkt 1545 days ago

You are loved by me, Ashlee! x

evp_king 1545 days ago

I need more inspiration for my art class! This helped :]