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Subtle. #thebachelor

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2165 days ago

Subtle. #thebachelor


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Johansen08z 2160 days ago

0qeq Hi take a look at Look013.com

inesitax216 2162 days ago

And the same photo without clothing: http://bit.ly/hlxEBp

lorendosh 2162 days ago

those pink shoes are hideous.

drallih 2163 days ago

I bet she's got the nicest sense of humor.... er..., Apparently he's got the nicest sense of humor!

Brough5britni 2164 days ago

misleadingly matt frusta contestation http://bit.ly/fdjvcL

crzysuzy88 2164 days ago

ha, about a good 6 inches

angry_mammoth 2164 days ago

hmmm...I wonder if she's short.

sighofaninja 2164 days ago

I think these are made entirely out of #peeps

ben_jakus 2164 days ago

I'm here to murder you... Just kidding...no seriously I'm hear to murder you

TyrannosaurLex 2164 days ago

is this show still on?? dear god, why!?!!

RchlDragonfly 2164 days ago

Whores are us. I hate shows like this.

HotGroovyMama 2164 days ago

He looks like Templeton from Charlotte's Web voiced by the always hilarious Paul Lynde!

PiperPiping 2164 days ago


ratneshchandna 2164 days ago

This pic is gonna be in your monologue now isn't it Jimmy? Yes it is. Yes, it, is.

AdornMeGirl 2164 days ago

Can we make fun of him too? The shoes are pretty crazy, but I think he resembles a camel.

nataliedevero 2165 days ago

the worst shoes ever and he gave her a rose !!!!

brandirahill 2165 days ago

OMG I missed this!! dam #OrangeBowl!!!

KrogyFrogy 2165 days ago

Holy Spice Girls batman...want some shoe with that heel? Jeezz. lol

chubdubblub 2165 days ago

Snooki??!! OMG, Snooker get over here!!

artmajor88 2165 days ago

he's like "you want to be in a fake relationship and be my famewhore? she replies..sure!! like omg.