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2833 days ago


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laralu_ 2800 days ago

look at the freggin price! there MUST be bush meant in there

koshka42 2829 days ago

Wow, is that what meercats taste like?

bcel 2833 days ago

that's so fucked up for animal planet to do.

bcel 2833 days ago

i guarantee only ONE meerkat agreed to do this endorsement. they just posed him in the background in three different ways (making you wonder if it's perhaps a different meerkat) just to make you think ALL meerkats eat "wild animal crunch." that's so fucke

mgoldbar 2833 days ago

I feel that this is yet another step up from the usual favorite-cartoon-character-shaped food. Simply more encouragement for cannibalism in our children.

BarkingTurnip 2833 days ago

Well it's certainly cheaper than getting the fresh stuff here in the states, 11 oz. of fresh meerkat would run you at least three chickens and sloppy seconds on your first daughter... And unfortunately we all get at least 9.5 oz of Miley Cyrus crammed dow

hokiekmm 2833 days ago

At least it's wild. I hate that domesticated crap.
p.s. Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana cereal to the right - the complete and nutritious breakfast for kids with multiple personality disorder. I'm concerned for our children.

mmwc 2833 days ago

all that and it is only FIVE DOLLARS AND 49 cents. what a deal.

andymc7 2833 days ago

I find the "artificial" meerkat flavoring to be off somehow. Like soy milk, it masquerades as the original.

PixelTreason 2833 days ago

Ewwwwww! What were they thinking?

pamelanoodles 2833 days ago

That looks like some kind of dog food that I would be scared to feed to my dog.

Zippedychick 2833 days ago

That looks goooood, oh and look it's the collectable safari package!

30yov 2833 days ago

Mmm, Meerkat Munch! I hope they have a special edition endangered species line.