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first medical mystery of 2011. any guesses? clue: wear your seatbelt.

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2166 days ago

first medical mystery of 2011. any guesses? clue: wear your seatbelt.


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Armitage48w 2161 days ago

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RogersNation 2162 days ago

and the seat belt would have helped because ?

staufferstudio 2163 days ago

Head impacting with interior of cabin on a passenger jet.

Leonardhbrown 2164 days ago

Has no one noticed the pattern of the break between and above the eyes? That's the belt clasp.

Shearin821 2165 days ago

Alexander Tobago maledictory Dorset http://bit.ly/fQyhzy

GYHITGfan 2165 days ago

...the straw impales the forehead?

GYHITGfan 2165 days ago

A passenger, not wearing a seatbelt, holding a plastic cup, about to take a sip, and then bam!

CircaRigel 2166 days ago

Oh! I know! a bird was a projectile through the windshield and hit the guy head on!

CircaRigel 2166 days ago

Would it be from hitting a dangle charm hanging from a rear view mirror or a bobble head doll on the dashboard?

davedunlap 2166 days ago

Projective from oncoming car coming through windshield, driving nose into skull.

JustKaren67 2166 days ago

Back seat passenger hitting the head rest of the front seat?

WSMR1 2166 days ago

brain intact, perfectly breaking portion of skull on the left side after being thrown from car

Alspiers 2166 days ago

I went through a cooper wind shield 1974, lucky to get away with skull intact, still got glass.

TomDonner 2166 days ago

Hitting forehead at top of window where it meets car roof.

Manojpolasa 2166 days ago

Passenger Fell out of car and broke his skull..

Fouinard 2166 days ago

I did after getting a ticket from a policeman and specially after all those accidents in racing.

bribe_me 2166 days ago

ghost rider skull found.!!!
please bring justice MR. OBAMA *_*

parveeenk 2166 days ago

awful. fell out of the front window or side door?!

Risnear 2166 days ago

airbag deploys smashing eye glasses into face??

nwrockdoc 2166 days ago

Tell me that's the top of long neck bottle whilst taking a swig & scoring a Darwin DUII....