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the perfect slippers for the day!

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1674 days ago

the perfect slippers for the day!


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Footkisser2010 1504 days ago

ANYTHING Katy puts on her gorgeous feet automatically become the perfect shoes, slippers, etc. :-)

Rolando2411 1593 days ago


EddyDiazRdz 1600 days ago

LOL! Those are so CUTE!!!! I loved it!

ReductoPotter 1600 days ago


Catharina321 1601 days ago

how cute *.*

tracesofsadness 1620 days ago

OMG !! How perfect, hahaha, but I loved it!

VonsterVon 1620 days ago

must have some...where from...love them!

scottrichardstr 1621 days ago

nice shoes. i ben thinking of getting some footie pajamas. for party

MaluhDiironaldo 1621 days ago

Owww sO C U T E I think I see a Pussycat

talitazzari 1627 days ago

awnnnnnnnnnnnn so cute

arianaKP 1635 days ago

haha sweet xD

RayssaPontes 1637 days ago

muito engra├žado.

julia_linn 1642 days ago

I think I saw a pussycat!

lily_marlene 1643 days ago

how cute is that?!?!

Thomasnosso 1643 days ago

awwwn so cute !

Emily_Gomez 1643 days ago

SOOOO CUUTEEE!!!!!! U r so U, and nobody else, thats why I love UUU! <333

drinc69 1644 days ago

great shoes !!!

cassiona 1644 days ago

awwwwwwwwww =D

ArrehPottah 1647 days ago

awww so cute!!

dontkeepmew8n 1648 days ago

haha, aww Katy, that is so YOU :}