Patton Oswalt


Mr. Oswalt is a former wedding deejay from Northern Virginia.

Jesus fucking Christ.

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2097 days ago

Jesus fucking Christ.


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phillidaw876 2092 days ago

And the same photo without clothing:

fatman11678 2093 days ago

Now I feel like burning books.

MDD69381 2094 days ago

hey d4w

OTC_Rock 2095 days ago

Thank God for editors. They're the only people that keep us from knowing she never passed 4th grade

jack_dupp 2095 days ago

PLEASE make her 15 minutes of fame END!

Cronkdyke 2096 days ago

thats bullshit, there's no way she knows how to write

JeannaMV 2096 days ago

Holy fucking shit.

haggardmom 2097 days ago

EW reviewed this. It's supposed to be a novel, but she basically wrote about herself. SURPRISE.

raindogs70 2097 days ago

You have to wonder if "The Snook" is doing a reading. Patti Smith, real Jersey girl. Snooki?

CarynSandoval 2097 days ago

Snooki wants SMUSH SMUSH #southpark

jesster_king 2097 days ago

now for the Huzzah =

kee_fry 2097 days ago

Please.. No one show up!

AleonaDaniel 2097 days ago


JustRob1978 2097 days ago

Does it come crayons?

MKAngelus 2097 days ago

Maybe like that thing on her head it's a pop up book?

Atomic_Monster 2097 days ago

Do her fans even know how to read?

JSauson 2097 days ago

What has that talentless cunt ever done to deserve a book?

Jason_okc 2097 days ago

We. Are. Doomed.

Shane_70 2097 days ago

you know whats more disturbing? the people out there that will buy it. :O

mkmphoto 2097 days ago

Hope to hell it's not a scratch and sniff.