Jill Wagner


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2568 days ago


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fotovenom 2555 days ago

Hey Jill...the chick on the left is absolutely gorgeous. Do you know her ? Can I get her number ?

Rayne_S 2555 days ago

Omfg.....im drunk....I AM DRUNK...IM GOIN TO LOOS MY MIND..IM SEEIN DOUBLE....OOH SHIT......SOMEONE CALL 911..I AM GOIN CRAZY.hehehehe.....sorry couldnt resist..lol...Seriously dont serve me 5 beers and ask me to pick the real Jill Wagner...what the hell.

djrobmick23 2566 days ago

I'd be really honored if you fololow me on twitter

djrobmick23 2566 days ago

I'd like to get both cutouts!!hahaha you are genious!

gotobob 2566 days ago

You are fearless! Which one's real? Or are they both cutouts?

delta44 2566 days ago

Buy a Mercury dealership and they will you the cardboard one!!

kevinsGrimm 2567 days ago

I want one LoL!

breespawn 2567 days ago

hahaha thats awesome!

LobsterJustin 2567 days ago

...night to see a figure standing before. I nearly punched it...until I turned the light on.........I will get them back.

LobsterJustin 2567 days ago

Thats not remotely strange at all. Not even in the slightest. I wish I had a cutout......actually I do have a cutout. Of The Rock...My family got it one day and while I was asleep placed it in front of my door. I woke up opened the door, in the middle of

wayfarerXXXX 2567 days ago

There should have been a standee made of your character from the Blade TV series :O)

srvctec 2568 days ago

Where can I get one of those? ;O)

Buckeyejw 2568 days ago

Every home should have one!

MagikRat 2568 days ago

That is sooo nice :-)

travis68charger 2568 days ago

Thats cool Jill your grandmother has one of the mercury cut outs of you.I tell ya one thing I miss both my grandmothers.Hope everything is going great in nc.Take care and talk to you later.

ftloy 2568 days ago

Aww. That's sweet of your grandmother. Where can I find one? J/K