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Inked my new armor

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1948 days ago

Inked my new armor


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Kaypour91h 1943 days ago

recollection acidifier ethological horror

kens_malice 1948 days ago

Ok ima work on all ur sugestions : )

FallFire 1948 days ago

Wow, great job Ken, it looks great. =) my two bits are that you should change the Four arme like sugested, possibly more armor and loose the circular button looking thing, and like said, add some more armor around the shoulder. possibly a

TyroniusAQW 1948 days ago

It's pretty good especially leg. In my opinion u should add something on torso like crystal.

ReddyTheCat 1948 days ago

Pretty cool dude, especially the center torso. Hust that what is that circular thing on the forearm? It looks like a button .-. also: work on the helm? Looks as if it's supposed to be a sabre-toothed skull mask?

Reki_AQW 1948 days ago

id just change up the fore-arm to match more and the helm maybe a lil bigger (like add a jawbone along the side to make it wider)