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Sword and Board.

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2213 days ago

Sword and Board.


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androideraqw 2180 days ago

I like all of your swords , they have really cool design.

guiltius 2204 days ago

he miltonius my dark lord, hows this design? http://twitpic.com/3o5wdp

shadowdragon465 2208 days ago

goto http://www.aqworldsart.webs.com/ for some of my drawings if i get 500 hits i'm ganna draw something pick by u players only 1 will win :D its not my best drawing but its really good :D

Xeyrophobic 2211 days ago

Miltonius is the greatest artist :D

LilMarleyAQW 2211 days ago

Woot, non-members don't get new items, it's not fair that they get rares 'cause we paid for the game, they're justp laying the demo

linus95x 2211 days ago

New year is bad coz in 5 new items drop in frostscyhte even 1 no non mem item is none..=(

Dan_X_Doa 2211 days ago

Pl0x add Incinerator Of Miltonius in Juggy quest pl0x?

AlbkidAqw 2211 days ago

Miltonius add more items to void breed and re-add the orbs but we get them in juggment quest

AlbkidAqw 2211 days ago

Never give out your pass death i learned that today but it got it back:D

bamboojesus 2211 days ago

What?!! Death what happened?

deathsastinte2 2211 days ago

becouse he hacked me and will you plz give me my pass from him

deathsastinte2 2211 days ago

is this your realy relative on fbhttp://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001866336593

deathsastinte2 2211 days ago

ddog hacked my aqw account deaths astinte 2 will you give me my account back plz

linus95x 2212 days ago

Humble Mod Miltonius can you make this 1 a non mem so that we can taste the feeling holding with a sword and shield...=)
Happy New Year....!!!

veneeria 2212 days ago

nice job miltonius!

Amandapyora 2212 days ago

hHi check out Look013.com

Ricky_Blaze16 2212 days ago

can u plz make the drop rate for the mini miltonius quest higher

aqwforces 2212 days ago

nice sword and shield

visit aqw pk = aqw forces = http://aqwforces.wordpress.com/

Best_Bud_Mud 2212 days ago

man i wish there was another scythe wep from frost scythe but the sword and shield is cool to

Maktara_AQW 2212 days ago

looks like it should be called defender of milt sword/shield combo or whatever-you-wanna-call-it-combo.