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The sword variation. Miltonius is cold!

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1650 days ago

The sword variation. Miltonius is cold!


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ShagrathTheEvil 1088 days ago


Zathor99 1151 days ago

I was hoping this armor would be in the shop...ah well. A man can hope.

Ma3xAE 1154 days ago

Can you put this armor in game lol its super cool and EPIC maybe for the upcoming war shop pretty please

androideraqw 1617 days ago

i like how you have 4 of those swords,it would look cool when you unstealth.

Huitt117 1640 days ago

p2w7 Hi take a look at Look013.com

mr_awsume 1641 days ago

wil myou relese that armor?:O

Inniss724 1644 days ago

penetralia osteoarthritis antithetically Titus http://bit.ly/em2bLp

BJPerssival 1645 days ago

And so the complaining goes on, guess is not yet clear the meaning of the word "free" in the term "free player".

linus95x 1645 days ago

Non mem's thought that even just 1 item of that 6 frost new items release non mem have a share new year item gift for Humble Mod Miltonius.

shadowdragon465 1645 days ago

pls check out my drawings at http://www.aqworldsart.webs.com/ its not my best work but its still really good if i get 500 hits imma draw something picked by u players :D

BJPerssival 1648 days ago

They are meant to make up for opening the whole area for everyone.

linus95x 1648 days ago

New year is bad coz in 5 new items drop in frostscyhte even 1 no non mem item is none..=(

Dan_X_Doa 1648 days ago

I has arcane o milt now i need crystal phoenix blade i is almost geting my 4th juggy item =)

AlbkidAqw 1648 days ago

will go great with crystal pheonix blade

AlbkidAqw 1648 days ago

Where can we get icy miltonius grab?

AQWorldsUndead 1648 days ago

OH YEAH MILT! MAKE IT JUGGERNAUT ! MAKE IT JUGGERNAUT ! Or harder then Juggernaut =/ ( Not easier)

aqw123456 1649 days ago

I don't want milt to realease this armor coz lots of ppl will want it so obv overused and Idc if it's a hard quest it still is gonna be overused

Ryuyasha 1649 days ago

If the armour releases might get it depending on if it's not Juggernaut...

Top_AE 1649 days ago

all the items will be mem only (that what cysero said)......:(