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The axe variation. Miltonius feels pretty.

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1672 days ago

The axe variation. Miltonius feels pretty.


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QayyumAQW 1455 days ago

... I'm hoping the same thing too :(

Osiriz05 1463 days ago

Nulgath.....When can we change our name in AQW..Im tired of my name -.-

submeobi 1553 days ago

so when does Submeobi get to look pretty like Miltonius? or other new Milt swag.

DizzySarkazz 1632 days ago

change ur gender eh?that awesum
when r u going to release ur best stuff back?

X3ndar 1662 days ago

wow , you are the best !

guiltius 1662 days ago

i finished it miltonius http://twitpic.com/3o5wdp

Milian58m 1662 days ago

n4cl Hi take a look at Look013.com

Sumi8morissa 1666 days ago

ultimately superconductivity diaphanous Mohican http://bit.ly/fwwTUa

Dominic_Saint 1666 days ago

milt that girl armour better be non-mem i want it so i can be pretty 2

DanitiaH 1668 days ago

I'm already saving up diamonds, shards, tainted gems, vouchers, totems and contracts, Milt ^^

submeobi 1668 days ago

I what to know about the girl milt armor!! New Armor or Class is it CC? xoxoxoxoxo

linus95x 1670 days ago

New year is bad coz in 5 new items drop in frostscyhte even 1 no non mem item is none..=(

veneeria 1670 days ago

Lol same here. I called that ice breath.

guiltius 1671 days ago

nice to see a female variant. my roomate will love this we were both fans. i have a crazy idea for you though how about duel weilding the dblade?
lml (>.<) lml

Agrecard 1671 days ago

Wait..is that...is it ...BREATHING BLUE FIRE?!

Frocharocha 1671 days ago

Lol is that the Demon armor from frostvale i like it more than the axe.

AlbkidAqw 1671 days ago

Relese the armor please :D and i love he axe is it animated?

supfabulous 1671 days ago

Cool. You should release the armor. It looks very cool.

evokersoul 1671 days ago

wait, so the armor comes with those back blades id like them separate