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I can't tell you which boss these next couple of items are from... but you can probably guess.

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1706 days ago

I can't tell you which boss these next couple of items are from... but you can probably guess.


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linus95x 1704 days ago

New year is bad coz in 5 new items drop in frostscyhte even 1 no non mem item is none..=(

guiltius 1705 days ago

hey dude, these items are bad ass. nice job bro.

wassup987654321 1705 days ago

frostscythes head looks way too big

PerfectShadowAE 1705 days ago


aqwrulesman 1705 days ago

awwww widdle frost!!!

aqwrulesman 1705 days ago

that pet is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute :D ;D :)

Ireneqnvsv 1705 days ago

mHi check out Look013.com

Dat_Ghost 1705 days ago

I think that the boss is mitonius the monster

MM_AQW 1705 days ago

Frostscythe pet? O.o

Joe10112 1705 days ago

I think the mace could stand as an epic weapon BY ITSELF! I own you frostscythe (literally own you)

fyrespitter 1705 days ago

The pet looks beastly. And nice mace and shield combo. But the pets my favorite.

soulsyth 1705 days ago

hey is it ok if i did this? http://twitpic.com/3hwtli

Bentleynew 1706 days ago

More chibi pets YAY!

Maktara_AQW 1706 days ago

you should make a normal dlord pet like this but no robe or cape. gives out quests for dlords.

Maku098Aqw 1706 days ago

I can has Mini FrostScythe plox?

Agrecard 1706 days ago

Mini Frostscythe?! How Evil/Adorable!

mikeees 1706 days ago

Wow these items are all member so pay your 20 bucks for the good stuff(like always)

Frocharocha 1706 days ago

The mace is cool but the pet is awesome,i think the pet is droped by the factory boss.

MephilesAE 1706 days ago

WoW the mace looks BEAST! lol
But ye, FrostScythe stuff alltheway 'nuff said

imfkinspiderman 1706 days ago

and I think thats deliberate for a chibi style look.