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Real Nigga, I Get My Keep It Real On

RT @chrisbrown @razb2k I was minding my damn business and Peter pan decides to pop off!!!

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2100 days ago

RT I was minding my damn business and Peter pan decides to pop off!!!


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Mis6O 1753 days ago

ROTF chris just split ya balls raz lmaoooo i cant stop laughing whhhhoooo!

JJTavarez_ 1792 days ago

Lame asses

JJTavarez_ 1792 days ago

It's not funny because, making fun of people isn't cool. Im sure lame ass Chris brown photoshopped this

LadiaYates 1792 days ago

i still cant get over this picture ahhahahahhaahahhaahahahahah

BasementThrifts 1830 days ago

LMFAO especially after watching TAKERS

MoralCuriosity 1840 days ago

Still funny AF

Dimplezmaree 1840 days ago


iIkeTurnerPussy 1843 days ago

lmao forever funny

justinaaron2012 1857 days ago

LMAO love it

bellefamnlouska 1907 days ago

Lmfaoo this never gets old

BreezyWord 1991 days ago

lmaoooooo!!!! back in the day when Chris could tweet n b free for US. now the world gotta jump in n b critics smh

SimplyBeautyx2 1997 days ago

Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa IM SCREAMING

ZimBarbie1 2014 days ago

This is Mad funny!! lol

Drea_McCullough 2024 days ago

This picture is still so funny to me! LMAOOOOOOO

Gemini501_ 2062 days ago

(gucci mane voice) Well Dayum!! LMFAO! Da fuk dey do dat at? I guess in RazWorld. Da fuk?

iSpeakCaraun 2074 days ago

i know i'm super stoopid late but this is funny as hell!! LMAO

theylove_ASHx 2075 days ago

- lmaoooooo , Ayee Chris you funny ass shit .haha Gotta Love you (= '

iAmCarmenBrown 2078 days ago


EUTeAMOCBreezy 2081 days ago

- Hilarious :)' -

TVDGleek18 2087 days ago