Nick Carter


Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys

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1958 days ago


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T5Babygurl212 1311 days ago

Oh Sh*t!!! He Had To Have Seen A Hell Of A Hot Monkey To Have (HaHa) That Happen To Him.

jathansmommy 1326 days ago

omg funniest thing ever
i feel sorry for the monkey!

gabsghigs 1477 days ago


Jizzle_74 1477 days ago

A monkey with blue balls. Now that's kinda funny. Who'da thunk it

m_kipta 1477 days ago

LOL Poor monkey (;

NiicolasNoel 1488 days ago

Wow, blue? :O kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk so funny

Bree1282 1497 days ago

Poor monkey. Poor poor monkey. He needs a female friend & quick! Lol.

lasaray 1543 days ago

We are going to see this that is what is a monkey with the blue eggs jajaja

PattyAranper 1585 days ago

WTF?? Blue?? :s LOL Funny

caritocarter_91 1803 days ago

haaaa what i mean....

alebsb15 1809 days ago

hahaha thats nasty!!!

e_leemin 1840 days ago

blue???? great

MlleRogue 1880 days ago

It is too late...I just keep snickering like an idiot at this pic.

MarindStyle 1883 days ago

Ok the monkey got Blue balls what color are yours ?!!!

caritocarter_91 1888 days ago


RitaRigueira 1890 days ago

that's how germany lost the war.......... hahahhahahaha

Love_Kherson 1891 days ago

firewithin81 1893 days ago

Aww that's sweet Nick... Expose the monkey instead... very clever! LOL

snuggles99 1894 days ago

OMG!!! thats all I gota say

Flooweer 1894 days ago

..Nick u can make me laugh..jajja Kisses..=)