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2628 days ago


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nina1918 2627 days ago

they are so very cute -- and LOL luv the names -- Miley had to be a daughter thing huh? wish I had the little white 1 - Cloe is it?

DiabeticDood 2627 days ago

that is hilarioussssss....thanks for sharing!

keyannasmommy 2627 days ago

Very cute :)

pookie_blue 2627 days ago

so cute! my dog is laying down beside the couch right where my hubby is. So sweet and theyre both asleep

HoldinMyHorsies 2627 days ago

So cute! Love all their names too! We have a cat named "Rockstar" - my daughter named him. He's a creamy off white Persian w/ orange at the tips of his fur ...he's a flame tip. Anyway, the way your dog was all sprawled out on his back the other day to

tonya872 2627 days ago

AWW! i have a poodle named Libby. she looks a lot like cloe. :)

kfdberry 2628 days ago

awwww - they are soooo cute!

jodiracanati 2628 days ago

they are so cute, so comfy

supahstah05 2628 days ago

Looks comfy to me! I bet the shih tzu is jealous!

Marialuvsmusic 2628 days ago

They are adorable Chris.

CaitlynKennedy 2628 days ago

oh my goodness they are super adorable! If I didn't have 5 cats I would want one!

DJKelly515 2628 days ago

How cute Chris, I thought U. had just your 2 puppies, You've got 3 now? how awesome. Deanna & you kids must love them

tyramisu 2628 days ago

You have your own little menagerie at casa Daughtry eh? Too cute

Pineytree 2628 days ago

Cute! Miley? Was that your daughter's idea? lol Saw "Hannah Montana: The Movie" at the theater today.

_VickyC_ 2628 days ago

too funny! & cute!

Lisa2994 2628 days ago

They are both very cute, sweet...

Jill_C 2628 days ago

Cozy LOL! Is Miley the one you got when you got Harlow?

Shae_C 2628 days ago

lol.....they are so cute!!! :) poodles are sweet :)

Shae_C 2628 days ago

lol OMG!!! They are cute though!! :)