This is how the world ends... not with a blog but a Twitter.

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1451 days ago


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Chelsieeee_ 846 days ago

omfg this is great hahaha:')

Iluvsteelguitar 898 days ago

I need these...seriously....

Brett_Olivia 1424 days ago

best nesting dolls EVER

marasu66 1435 days ago

Supply her with enough wood and paint and tools, oh! and time, and you can call her Molly Matryoshka.

SeeMattPlay 1441 days ago

The sum of their volume is greater than the volume of their sum. It's like it's bigger on the inside!

GeneraZ 1442 days ago

These nesting Doctors are completely awesome. Add me to the chorus of those that want them badly.

Jake_Ahola 1443 days ago

This is pretty much amazing.

snuffygirl 1443 days ago

very, very cool!

mikeblan 1444 days ago

Are these for sale?

Jenniferjzxik 1447 days ago

dHi check out

Iris_awesome 1448 days ago

Dude, I'm telling you. You could make millions by auctioning these off on eBay. Pretty please?

ilianexsi 1448 days ago

Wow... you are all kinds of awesome.

rebel4lyfe 1449 days ago

This is so awesome! If you are taking orders I would by at least 4. I love Doctor Who and this is beyond awesome!

SassyTeffie 1449 days ago

I add my voice to the ranks of those who want some! Perhaps you should patent the design and sell it for big buck to a novelty company! (Lots of money with none of the manufacturing stress and we get the pleasure of owning a replica of this awesomeness!)

heartattack13 1449 days ago

Absolutely brilliant! If you're taking orders, I'm in. My daughter would faint if I got these for her

SaraCVT 1449 days ago

Make them NOW! Allons-y!

christibob 1449 days ago

Wonderful! I want one.

RuthEllison 1449 days ago

Awesome - I want one of theses #doctorwho nesting dolls!

ranma711 1449 days ago

Cool :)

Robo_Skelly 1449 days ago

I want these!