David Arquette


Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, Clothing line owner, Artist, Husband, Father and sometimes a cook

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1608 days ago


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psycodelicate 1538 days ago

I ♥ u David! I am a huge fan! Best of luck to you.. your an amazing man :)

jchanratty 1544 days ago

I just love you and your strength. I am 38 and have had my own demons. Thank god one day a couple of years ago I started to hate the taste and feeling of drinking. I enjoy my life with my 3 girls and my own peace. things are brighter. When I saw you on Op

TatumKatayamas 1545 days ago

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mrsyakafluss 1545 days ago

You were better on Howard. Oprah was so condescending to you. #howardstern

carefree1995 1547 days ago

just seen Oprah, wife half says Run C Run, other half says bummer-as wife whose husband not earning for the first time in 36 yrs actually get the not earning as much as my wife bit. Husband left so Cab Merlot is great in dulling pain..

LynnetteMM 1548 days ago

Love and encouragement for continued success with your recovery. Good Luck!! L

frogtutor 1548 days ago

What an incredible, beautiful and honest display of emotion today on Oprah! I was brought to tears many times as I listened to you share what you have learned on your new journey. I think that as we tell our story, we help to heal ourselves. I would ventu

FadedYouthBlog 1548 days ago


JamieJ711 1554 days ago

I wish Boston looked like that this time of year! It just looks like its 70!

magledon 1573 days ago

Welcome back David! Have a donut.

JosephineBoehm 1588 days ago

what? why so mean fadedyouthblog?i wish david all the best and hope he and courtney can reconcile because i am sure they still have strong feelings for each other. greetings from germany, david!:D

FadedYouthBlog 1597 days ago

Courteney Cox with her 6-year-old daughter Coco at a Christmas bash in West Hollywood on Friday: http://bit.ly/CourtC Suck it, !

HighNotesMgmt 1599 days ago

Just to let everyone know I have the same picture on my phone. It was a gorgeous sunset and the light is RED our car was parked directly to the left. We jumped out and took a picture. RELAX.

swilliamsmmx 1600 days ago

heres to good friends, tonight is something special.

BobAKABuffy 1601 days ago

Hoping you were looking out the back window of someone else's car.

odinler 1606 days ago

what happend to the cameraman after thi picture was taken?

VIOLE1954 1606 days ago

Care David are in the middle of the track

Luvbeers 1607 days ago

You should remake American Graffiti.

Valrajuku 1608 days ago

this looks sad fer some reason

amandababin 1608 days ago

Were you on the street? Be careful of any cars. I hope you had a good Christmas <3