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GOD before anything. NFL Tight End. DMV!

A pic of the streets in Philly..

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1952 days ago

A pic of the streets in Philly..


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360_sports 1951 days ago

You gotta have the philly cheesesteaks. Cheez wiz isn't a real cheese steak.

kingotnw 1951 days ago

Um... This delays an NFL game?! Are you kidding me?! This is NOTHING!

RCori 1952 days ago

That's a dusting in Minn.

BLee3 1952 days ago

Shot from the Four Seasons Hotel of course.

ChSportsNetwork 1952 days ago

What happened to the mean streets of Philly? Bears/Minn played in worse?

anteup11 1952 days ago

Wow......looks like a walk in the park compared to Minnesota

tessalynn521 1952 days ago

hmm doesnt look that bad, but I don't!

seVen_S 1952 days ago

Looks good enough to drive on. However, that's just one street out of many. Plus a pic doesn't show wind...